9mm Carbine


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9mm Carbine Suppressor

Product Description

This Titanium suppressor is designed operate on a 9mm carbine and is designed for full auto use.  The 9mm Carbine can will fit under the rail of a Samson or similar rail system on the AR15 type rifle.  This can has no overlap and fits muzzle forward.  This is a sealed can and is only suitable for use with jacketed bullets.

This can is built from Ti6Al4V Grade 5.  That is 90%Titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% Vanadium.  The laser melting process provides an as built heat treated structure with a 850MPA yield strength and a very fine grain structure.  That is about the same as 4140 chromoly, over twice the yield of SS and over three times the yield of aluminium.

These are built to withstand abuse of short barrel, high volume fire as well as physical abuse like damage from dropped weapons or falling on the gun.  In other words there is internal supports so that the can is strong structurally as well as from pressure effects.

Currently not available for sale in the USA.

Additional Information

Weight 135 grams
Overall Length 178 mm
Overall Diameter 35mm
Internal Diameter na
Thread 1/2" 36tpi RH
Overbarrel from Shoulder 0 mm
Length Past Muzzle 178mm

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