762 Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor


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762 Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor

Product Description

The 762 Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor uses the latest flow technology for the best sound reduction in the least size.  Designed for 300 BLK in both sub and supersonic as well as 308 / 762x51.  The can will also perform well on 762x39, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC and 5.56.  The 762 RL attaches to a 90 tooth muzzle device (Not Included) using  two ratchets to provide 4 degree of rotational alignemnt.  This suppressor is designed for moderate rates of fire.


For muzzle device options click here.


The suppressor mounts in about 3 seconds with 2 full turns of a ACME thread.  As the thread starts to tighten against the conical seal, the rotation rings clicks into place which prevents the can from unscrewing.  To remove, twist the rotation ring until it clicks which unlocks the ratchet and keep turning to unscrew the suppressor. The best feature about the lock ring is that the motion to install and remove is intuitve and effortless.  It also prevents ratchet clicking noises when installing since the ring keeps the ratchet disengaged from the teeth during normal operation.  If you want to hear the teeth, just put the ring in the locked position before installing.



This can is designed for jacketed bullets only.


Average multiple in house results of sound testing using BK2209 with BK4136 at 1 Meter left of muzzle and 1.6 meter high:

12" AR 300 BLK Barrel using 208 grain subsonic at 1053 FPS: 124

12" AR 300 BLK Barrel using 208 grain subsonic at 1046 FPS no suppressor: 158

12" AR 300 BLK Barrel using 110 grain supersonic at 2256 FPS:  137

12" AR 300 BLK Barrel using 110 grain supersonic at 2240 FPS no suppressor:  168

20" Rem 700 Barrel using 147 grain SA at 2597 FPS:  139

 20" Rem 700 Barrel using 147 grain SA at 2584 FPS no suppressor:  168

14.5" AR 15 using M193 55 grain at 2887 FPS: 138

14.5" AR 15 using M193 55 grain  at 2846 FPS no suppressor: 167


This can is built from Ti6Al4V Grade 5 which is  90%Titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% Vanadium using a selective laser melting process.  This process provides a completely monolithic structure for added strength with minimal weight.  The suppressor is then stress relieved, heat treated and nitrided to provide a yield strength of around 1000 MPA and 1200 UTS.  The internal structures have a 65 Rock C surface hardness due to the nitriding which drops back to 39 over the next 28 microns which increases the baffle longivity.


These are designed for semi auto use on any 762x51, 762x39 and 300 BLK supersonic or  FA on 300 BLK subsonic.


Currently not available for sale in the USA.

Additional Information

Weight 170 grams
Overall Length 187mm
Overall Diameter 38.2mm
Internal Diameter NA
Thread Fits all RL muzzle devices in 762 or 556
Overbarrel from Shoulder NA
Length Past Muzzle 169mm Length past end of Muzzle device - 135mm

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    Out Fricking Standing!

    its like shooting my suppressed 223 but in 308. the brake alone counters the muzzle flip on the 308 and makes it shootable single handed. put the can on the recoil comes in a bit but is only 50% of a bare muzzle. does not generate back pressure on the AR10 so no jet of gas to the eye that can happen on other suppressors. :)

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    Its Worth The Spend

    First impressions. Suppressor and 1/2X20 Ratchet brake very well machined and finished.
    Replaced my old suppressor, as too noisy, and not seeming to cope with my .308 using 125 gr B/tips doing 3150fps, through chronograph.
    Oceania suppressor noticeably QUIETER on the range and shooting animals. VERY LIGHT and slightly more noticed reduction in felt recoil compared to my old suppressor.
    I bought this type of suppressor for it's noise reduction, very light weight and short length. All these expectations have been met!
    Overall review. Can take a while to get the ratchet brake if not in stock. The wait is worth it.
    Be sure to tighten your ratchet brake on to the end of your barrel tightly! My brake loosened and I couldn't get the suppressor off. I put Locktite on my barrel thread and put the brake with suppressor still attached back on to the thread. Waited over night to set. Suppressor came off easily the next day.
    I put rubber bicycle tyre tube over suppressor to minimise heat shimmer when putting many repeated shots through the barrel.
    If you have other rifles you can buy separate ratchet brakes and transfer the one suppressor from rifle to rifle.
    Overall, this is the best suppressor I have ever used out of all the suppressors I have owned.

    Highly recommend!!

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