762 - 20 300 BLK / AR10 Suppressor


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762 Suppressor

Product Description

The 300 BLK / AR10 suppressor is updated with the latest cross flow design.  Designed for 300 BLK in both sub and supersonic as well as AR10.  The can will also perform well on the new NEA 762x39 upper and bolt rifles.  The 762 - 300BLK / AR10 is a direct thread on suppressor that will thread over any standard 3/4" barrel that has 20mm from the shoulder unobstructed. It provides two points of contact to reduce the possibility of baffle strike on 3/4" barrels. 


The can will perform much better on semiauto rifles with an adjustable gas block to reduce noise at the ejection port.


This can is designed for jacketed bullets only.


Preliminary in house results on sound testing:

11" AR 300 BLK Barrel using 208 grain subsonic at 1074 FPS: 123

11" AR 300 BLK Barrel using 125 grain supersonic at 2075 FPS:  135

20" Rem 700 Barrel using 147 grain SA at 2626 FPS:  139



This can is built from Ti6Al4V Grade 5 which is  90%Titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% Vanadium using a selective laser melting process.  This process provides a completely monolithic structure for added strength with minimal weight.  The suppressor is then stress relieved, heat treated and nitrided to provide a yield strength of around 1000 MPA and 1200 UTS.  The internal structures have a 65 Rock C surface hardness due to the nitriding which drops back to 39 over the next 28 microns which increases the baffle longivity.


These are designed for semi auto use on any 762x51, 762x39 and 300 BLK supersonic or  FA on 300 BLK subsonic.


Currently not available for sale in the USA.

Additional Information

Weight 193 grams
Overall Length 205mm
Overall Diameter 38mm
Internal Diameter 19.25mm
Thread 5/8" 24tpi RH
Overbarrel from Shoulder 20mm
Length Past Muzzle 166mm

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    Finding a suppressor that is value

    I had the privilege of attending a test shoot of a number of .223 cans including an Ocean Defence can and was impressed. ( My hearing was altered 40years ago with unprotected shotguns and my ears are very sensitive to the report of any firearms ), I did not need to wear muffs and could still converse afterwards. So impressed I purchased a 300blk can from Gunz NZ and am very pleased with the amount of noise reduction and will be ordering a .223 can as well for my other pumpy before xmas, these are worth their weight in gold. Ocean Defence have certainly done their homework.

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