556 -20 Samson

556 -20 Samson

556 Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor

556 Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor

556 Hyflow DT

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This can is available in NZ and internationally by special order.

The 556 - SBR is a Titanium suppressor designed for high rate of semi auto fire including limited FA on 10.5" barrel AR15 firearms in 556.  As a result, this can is thicker and slightly heavier to withstand the abuse of high volume semi auto fire or very limited burst fire.  This can is also available in 718 Inconel for full auto applications by special request at a slightly higher price.

This is a direct thread on suppressor which overlaps the barrel 13mm providing two points of contact to reduce the possibility of a baffle strike.  It is designed for standard SBR barrels that have a smaller diameter step 18.5mm for the last 16mm before the thread.

Back pressure is minimal due to the design which allows the suppressed gas guns to run about as clean and reliably as a non suppressed without having to add adjustable gas blocks.

Preliminary in house SPL testing:

11.5" Colt Commando AR15 using 55 grain M193  at 2806 FPS:  136 dB(A) 1m left of muzzle and 134 dB(A) 50mm right of ear

This can is built from Ti6Al4V Grade 5 or 15-5 PH by special request.

These are built to withstand abuse of short barrel, high volume fire as well as physical abuse like damage from dropped weapons or falling on the gun.  In other words there is internal supports so that the can is strong structurally as well as from pressure effects.

Currently not available for sale in the USA.

More Information
Weight 200 grams titanium or 320 grams in Inconel 718
Overall Length 159mm
Overall Diameter 42mm
Internal Diameter 18.50mm
Thread 1/2" 28tpi RH
Overbarrel from Shoulder 18mm
Length Past Muzzle 130mm