.308 194 Grain Maxiumum Expansion subsonic 300 BLK (Box of 50)


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.308 194 Grain Maxiumum Expansion subsonic 300 BLK (Box of 50)

Product Description

We recommend this subsonic bullet over other Lehigh bullets for SBR and pistol applications

Suppressor Safe

— The projectile is machined from solid bar stock.  Expansion only occurs upon impact through hydraulic energy.  (They only expand when they hit “wet.”)  This is not a frangible bullet produced from powdered metal.

For performance and safety purposes we only recommend the use of OEM manufactured 300 AAC Blackout/Whisper brass.

Not recommened for use in factory Remington 700 rifles chambered in 300 Blk.

All of the Lehigh subsonic 300 Blackout/Whisper ammo and .308 subsonic bullets are designed to be stable in 1:8 twist barrels.  Many of our customers also use the 170gr Controlled Fracturing and 194gr Maximum Expansion bullets successfully in guns with 1:10 twist barrels.  We have had several customers with stability problems with our subsonic bullets and ammo in Remington 700’s chambered in 300 Blackout.  We do not know if this is due to the land/groove ratio, grove depth, barrel surface quality, bore diameter, groove geometry, twist lead error, etc.  We are completely focused on providing products with optimum terminal performance and until we understand the issue with this gun platform we are notifying customers of the potential problem. 

Additional Information

Caliber .308
Bullet Weight (gr) 194
Bullet Length (in) 1.525
BC (G1) 0.638
Minimum Twist Rate 1:8
Velocity (fps) 750 - 1200
Box Qty 50

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