762 Titanium Alpine Hunter Suppressor
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762 Titanium Alpine Hunter Suppressor

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    The lightest, smallest overall length & diameter centrefire suppressor I have found.
    I'm using it on a bolt action .308 with 16.5" barrel.

    Yep, you pay for the privilege and I asked 101 questions of myself and others before I parted with that much cash.
    There are some other good options out there in the NZ market but I have found the noise, recoil and muzzle flash suppression is better than anything else among the other lightweight hunting options.
    I was (really) concerned about adding 150mm of forward muzzle length back on my short rifle after going to so much effort to have it compact and short... but my concerns are unfounded. Balance is superb and extra length not noticed in the bush hunting and scores of km carried to date. (note: the best of the rest was still going to add nearly 100mm forward plus the over barrel portion).

    It is designed to be used for a few shots at a time. At 3 shots in quick succession with a wide view scope and low scope mounts on a .308 bolt action, the heat waves are affecting sight picture through the scope. You really are limited to about 5 shots before you have to let it cool or have your game so close that an out of focus sight picture is no problem. I haven't come across the need to take that many shots in deer hunting but can see it being an issue against a mob of goats. ODL has other products if your needing to get more rounds off before cooling.... and the smaller calibres you would usually use in that situation shouldn't have the same heat generation either but I can't speak from experience - I'll try to remember and update this review once I have tried it on a .223 bolt action with a couple of quick magazines through it.

    Which takes me to the next benefit that sealed the deal for me. If you have other rifles of the same bore size or smaller, and you thread them all the same - it's easy peasy to change from rifle to rifle depending what you're taking out of the safe. That is why I chose to put down the extra dollars in the end. Just remember to make sure you have it on firmly and keep it done up. I only ever had it loosen slightly on the range over about 30 shots and 3 hours. Before going on a week long hunting mission I put a dab of low strength loctite on the rifle threads to make double sure.

    Thanks Bert & others for your help in getting to this point and coming away all smiles. The animals are not so happy.

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