Novel Solutions for Weapons Systems

Oceania Defence began developing a new way of manufacturing suppressors using Selective Laser Melting technology or more commonly known as 3D Metal printing available in NZ. Using patent pending methods and designs, we set out to manufacture the most advanced firearm suppressors in the world for sound reduction while weighing less than any comparable suppressor designed for long life and high volume fire.

Using powdered Titanium 6Al4V and Inconel 718, Oceania Defence created the first one piece suppressor using this technology which allows for maximizing structural strength with minimum material use since there are no threaded joints and lighter since redundant structures and wasted material from other fabrications methods are not required. The entire structure is formed as one piece ensuring complete structural integrity. Completely monolithic suppressor, not just a monolithic core, provide the strongest, most efficient design available for the least cost.

Titanium is a bit heavier than aluminiuim while being over twice the strength of stainless steel. It is extremely corrosion resistant and retains 90% of its strength at 400 degrees C making it ideal for semi auto use. Inconel 718, although not as strong as titanium at room temperature, is also corosion resistant and slightly heavier than stainless but retains most of its strength over 700 degrees C. The yield strength of Inconel at 700C is stronger than 304 SS at room temperature making it ideal for full auto use.

“ Suppressors provide one of the most challenging design excersises imaginable. Every feature represents a compromise in another part of the weapon system. Baffel structures are actually more complex to design than would appear at first glance. By exploiting this new technology using advanced solid modeling techniques, flow analysis and extensive testing of design iterations, Oceania Defence takes suppressor manufacturing into the 21st century by providing a design with the least compromises to ensure:

  • Minimal size
  • Minimal weight
  • Minimal POA POI shift
  • Minimal back pressure
  • Robust structural characteristics

To all of you, from all of us at Oceania Defence - Thank you and Happy Shooting!

Bert Wilson

Managing Director

Bert Wilson has been shooting most of his life. He competes in Practical Shooting events, Service Rifle, Hunting, Culling and sometimes just shooting the BS. He has built structures from steel, aluminium, stainless, titanium, and composites on a wide variety of hardware including ships, oil field, agricultural, strategic and conventional defence systems.


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