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556 Suppressor

Product Description

The 556 - 20 Samson is the latest cross flow design which takes the place of the original Samson as well as replaces the larger diameter 556-45. The Samson is designed to operate with moderate rate of fire on barrels  down to 12.5".

Preliminary in house SPL testing:

14.5" NEA AR15 using 55 grain M193 at 2991 FPS:
5 shots at muzzle with no suppressor and 4136 mic at 1.6 high over grass and 1m left of muzzle - 166.1
10 shots at muzzle with new ODL 556-20 Samson and 4136 mic at 1.6 high over grass and 1m left of muzzle - 134
10 shots at ear with new ODL 556-20 Samson and 4136 mic about 50mm right of my ear - 136


This can is built from Ti6Al4V Grade 5 which is 90%Titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% Vanadium using a selective laser melting process. This process provides a completely monolithic structure for added strength with minimal weight. The suppressor is then stress relieved, heat treated and nitrided to provide a yield strength of around 1000 MPA and 1200 UTS. The internal structures have a 65 Rock C surface hardness due to the nitriding which drops back to 39 over the next 28 microns which increases the baffle longivity.


Currently not available for sale in the USA.

Additional Information

Weight 164 grams
Overall Length 165mm
Overall Diameter 38mm
Internal Diameter 19.15mm
Thread 1/2" 28tpi RH
Overbarrel from Shoulder 20mm
Length Past Muzzle 130mm

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